Being in internet marketing, it’s my job to get people to reach out to my clients. So when I see a great marketing idea anywhere, I try to find a way to apply it to my business.

You see, one question we get every often is this:

What happens after I get a contact from my website? How can I convert that lead into a customer for life?

I’d like to share a story with you. I recently tried out a new local business for the first time. Ok, fine, it was a hair salon.

At the end of my appointment, I was handed an envelope with my name neatly printed on it. Wow! Just for me? I didn’t even care what it was. It was personalized, and it implied that they had prepared for my visit.

Inside, it had a series of cards, each with a different discount printed. This visit, they were offering a percentage off a product purchase. The next visit, they offered a free nail service. And as for my third visit? 20% off of any service that I’d never had before. I was excited, they cared to see me come back, and they wanted to bribe me to do so! I love a good bribe.

So how does this apply to you?

The point of sharing this is, I got excited to go back through their incentive program. When it came time to go back, those cards popped into my head, and I eagerly located them to remind myself just what “prize” I’d get this time.

Rewards programs, loyalty cards, and check-in discounts are all methods of keeping the customers you have. It’s important to dedicate a portion of your time and budget to developing these marketing practices.

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