When you’re a web design company, you get to see all kinds of clients. Some low-maintenance, some high-maintenance, and everywhere in between. We’ve compiled a list of the most confusing web design clients that we have ever encountered.

The client who will know it when they see it

This client loves to say things like “you’re the expert” and “I trust you.” They know they need a website, and they know that we can handle their web design, but that’s about it. This client often ends up with a huge number of drafts before they figure out what they’re looking for. 

The Buzz Word client

Something fresh. Something that sizzles. Something clean. Something exciting. This web design client seems to have their thesaurus memorized, but rarely comes with examples of what those words mean to them.

The Competitor Client

They have identified their nemesis in the web design market. This one person is always above them in search engine results, and they are not as good! They want a site exactly like their competitors’. Our job as an SEO marketing company is to make sure that our clients have original design and content, to rank well in search engines. So this situation is pretty tricky.

The guy who can get it done cheaper

They hired you, but you’re not sure why. Every step in their web design process, they name drop other companies who will supposedly beat your prices, timelines, and designs. This person is usually in sales.

The client with ADD

Lastly, this is the client who takes up the most time. They email you at 2am with a new moving graphic that they want to incorporate into their design. They scrap the entire web design at least once in the process, and it seems that they want a moving, blinking carnival on their website.


What clients have you known and loved as a web designer? We’d love to hear experiences of others in the industry.