Custom Logo Design for UV-Free Tanning Company

Sinful Glow had an existing logo that they had purchased from another agency. We were contracted to update the text-only logo with a hand-drawn illustration. Our graphic design team created the mermaid to their exact specifications, which included touches like:

  • A hibiscus tattoo element
  • Teal and hot pink hair
  • A tail that ended in a horn shape, and horns in the mermaid’s hair, reflecting the “sinful” name of the brand
  • The mermaid added to the existing text, as if highlighting it

Font Identification

Since Sinful Glow already had merchandise and signage reflecting their existing logo, we began by identifying the fonts used in the original design, so their existing product would not be obsolete.

Hand Drawn Design

Our design team drew several revisions of the mermaid within Adobe Illustrator, entirely by hand. These were presented to Sinful Glow and tweaked to assure customer satisfaction.