Marketers are looking for a competitive edge as Google and other technologies improve, evolve and make unpublicized changes that we need to be aware of. There’s no escaping the need to adjust to technology as the marketing industry changes. The sole option we have is to better understand what’s going on. A recent project by Google is now focused on what Speakable features can do for you and SEO.

What is Speakable you ask?

Google Assistant is a package of artificial intelligence that works as a virtual assistant. It connects via your mobile devices and home appliances. This software has the ability to speak directly to you and along with many services like Alexa, Cortana and Siri. The use of these virtual assistants invites a broader application that Google hopes to boost by reading your content.

This is where the old practices of schema markup come into play and enables Google’s software to soar.


 What Is Schema Markup, And How Does It Work?

  • Schema is considered semantic vocabulary, and professional SEO marketers use it to boost the performance of their search engine optimization.
  • Schema is essentially a code that you embed within your website.
  • It then enables what’s called rich snippets to be extracted from your content.
  • The search engine results page (SERP) can often answer the searcher’s question directly and by presenting a snippet from within a webpage. The reader doesn’t have to access that page to read this short bit of info. The same process is expected with Speakable and by directly giving you answers without you having to venture into any specific page.

Adjusting For Voice Recognition

Google Assistant works on voice recognition. This could allow us to ask our questions directly into the software while it searches the Web for us. The schema integration will now give SEO buffs something to use to directly boost Speakable optimization as people use it.

There is one caution. Professionals have to learn the technology first.

Getting heard by your readers might soon become the biggest wave in online marketing. There’s one effective way to do it, and that’s to partner with Google through schema markup code.


Here are a few things you should know about this technology, how it works and why:

  • Schema extractions are defined as articles, news and reporting. These parameters are more focused on covering magazines and newspapers from Google search.
  • Schema’s definition on Speakable shows that voice is triggered for sections of web pages that are specifically more “speakable” according to
  • All of these features are pending but can go live soon. Google supports schema through its newly developed Speakable algorithm.
  • The technology can be used for common webpages and active forums, but Google only specifies the Speakable features as optimal for news articles.