A website redesign is an exciting time for a brand. Often they have an old website, or have simply been using social media to represent them online. It’s important to set out roles, expectations, and deadlines before beginning. This ensures that the process goes as smoothly as possibly.

At Pulley Media, this begins with a kickoff call. You can expect the following items to be covered:

  • Client Introductions
    At this point, the client says who is who on their team. We identify who will be the decision makers, and who needs to be copied on any communications.
  • Brand History
    The client will provide a briefing on who their brand is, and their voice.
  • Target Market
    The client should provide a detailed insight about their target market: location, gender, age, etc.
  • Regional and Nationwide (if applicable) Competitors
    If the brand is only serving locally, provide at least 3 nearby competitors. If they are targeting nationwide clientele, provide at least 6 competitors. Be prepared to discuss what they are doing in the field that is considered “ahead of the game”.
  • Review of Existing Site/Graphics
    At this point, we will walk through the current site, if the client has one. If not, we will review social media and any other marketing that has been done.
  • Web Design Project Elements
    Pulley Media will discuss what elements you would like on your home page. This will include items like the banner, contact form, navigation bar verbage, and content placement. While you may not have responses for every question, some idea of sites that you like is appreciated.
  • Project Goals
    We will review our end goals for the project. For some, this is a site that navigates easily on mobile devices. For others, this is to increase hits on a certain page.
  • Content Strategy
    We will clarify who will be responsible for delivering content, and when it will be provided.
  • SEO Strategy
    Pulley Media will discuss local and/or organic SEO including: keyword research, landing page optimization and website optimization best practices.
  • Project Timeline
    Pulley Media will clearly review and layout milestones, deadlines, and launch dates. In some cases, Pulley Media may choose to review the notes obtained during the call and deliver the timeline 2-3 days later.
  • Requests from Client
    Pulley Media will request a list of items the agency will need to complete the project (FTP login, Domain info, social media account logins, or high resolution version of the logo), as well as the dates those requests are needed.
  • Questions for Agency
    The client should ask any final questions before concluding the kickoff meeting.
  • Next Steps
    We will go over what the immediate next steps are after the kickoff meeting.
  • Conclusion
    The agency should thank the client and reassure them of the expected success of the project.