Using Twitter Marketing for your business

Growing your brand on Twitter, with a series of 280 character posts, can seem daunting to a business owner. Deciding what to post, what frequency, who to interact with, and whether to use paid tweets are all important elements to your strategy.

Twitter logo

Can you grow our twitter followers?

Yes! We will grow the number of people following you, targeting for local and national exposure. This will be a goal over several months, and can be done with high community interaction, unique content, and @ mentioning other users.

Will I still be able to post on my Twitter account?

Your level of involvement is decided upon from the beginning. If you’d like to continue posting, we may ask that you email us the posts to review, add hashtags, and schedule alongside your existing plan. Ultimately, your Twitter account belongs to you, and you maintain access at all times.

Can you help clean up an existing Twitter account?

If you have an existing following that you’d like to build on, we can always help you by enhancing your profile, and taking over interactions with your followers. We are open to jumping in at any phase in your online marketing strategy, because ultimately, we want you to succeed!

Will you create a personal and a business Twitter for me?

We recommend that a company only has one account. Depending on the nature of the industry, Pulley will help you decide if a brand or personal online identity will best suit your plan. Additional accounts means additional interactions and content to keep tabs on, and can often feel confusing for your followers. Your business should be easily followed, and your message conveyed clearly.

Should I link third party services like Yelp or Facebook, to my Twitter?

Sharing a peer review from time to time is great. We just want your customers to feel respected, and never spammed. So we recommend disabling anything that is auto-posting on your account, so only specifically chosen shares are posted.