Pinterest Marketing

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Pinterest marketing can be a fantastic social media tool for businesses that generate leads from convincing visuals (for example: photographers, hair salons, or restaurants). At Pulley, we use resources like Pinterest and Instagram when it makes sense for YOU.

Examples of ways Pinterest can be used

  •  A retail store might have boards for new arrivals, accessories, seasonal trends, and different styles
  • A physician could pin healthcare news, general wellness, and tips for maintaining your health at different age groups.
  • For a janitorial company, we would create boards with tips on cleaning for different parts of the home or office.

As with other social media platforms that we manage, the goal is always to engage and inform. Once we set up boards, we often invite other, similar users to post on the boards with us. This helps establish a sense of community and confidence.

Our strategy for you will always include a blend of marketing your site, networking, and sharing on your other social sites. It’s all about developing the most complete internet marketing plan possible for your business.