Kim StiversKim Stivers

I've been counting on Pulley for years, since the inception of my home brewing operation when we just needed a logo design and some basic graphics. Since then, Michelle has built my brewery website, and her company handles all my digital marketing. I'm hoping to make it to the big leagues, and I can't wait to take Pulley Media with me.

Maggie RodriguezMaggie Rodriguez

Pulley Media has been managing my wedding planning website for Inspired Events for over 3 years. We have a great, consistent number of leads coming in and could not be happier.

Jason KJason K

I own a veterinary practice down in South Miami, and have run it through word of mouth referrals for the last 10 years or so. However, with the new construction in the area, we’ve gotten an influx of newer businesses that have been slowly depleting my practice. One of my clients happened to be texting Michelle from Pulley Media while in the office, and we got to talking about websites. I asked for the contact information, but was leery about spending the money to buy a new website design when the business itself wasn’t making much. It took me 3 months of asking Michelle questions via phone, text, and email before I made up my mind – and I have to say, that’s part of the reason I’m writing this review. She never made me feel like I was wasting her time. She was knowledgeable and passionate about helping us build a website that conveyed our message.
Before I came to Pulley Media, our online marketing was a few scattered profiles on Yellow Pages, Yelp, and the occasional Craigslist posting that my office manager would use to share specials on. Sometimes we felt embarrassed when our regulars asked about our official website. It seemed to affect our credibility when they’d find out we didn’t have a decent business website – even after 10 years doing this!
We wanted our website to be simple, user friendly, intuitive and mostly importantly it must look great! She and her team came up with several great design layouts and an easy to maintain content management system that we were able to learn within just a few days.
Not only does the design of our website look fantastic; she designed the web site to be search engine friendly and easy to navigate for all of our customers. We even integrated a support form and appointment management into our site, which has saved us money since we don’t need more than one person answering phones at the front desk anymore.
Now that the website is completed and working, I think it was a very wise investment for us. Our customers can check out all of our services and products right away and we are seeing a big jump on new customer’s inquiries and sales. Thank you Michelle for bringing our customers closer to us with her wonderful web design skills. We would love to recommend Pulley media to all our friends who needed a professionally designed website. Great job Michelle!

shannon tshannon t

We are a software company marketing and distributing our workflow management software for small and medium size businesses over the Internet.
Several month ago, we saw a trend of decline that was impacting both software downloads and our sales revenue. After we conducted our internal research, we realized our business was coming up in search result pages far below our competitors. At the same time, false comments and bad reviews appeared out of the blue, seemingly placed there by our competition.
Here’s where Pulley Media’s SEO expertise came to our rescue. They took the time and effort and did a complete research on our websites, blogs, PR exposure and websites that were hosting our software.
They took the time to explain everything to us. It turns out that our terrible presence on search engines was because of our outdated SEO approach (it had been several years since we had any optimization done by anybody).
Pulley Media started to manage the entire overhaul process and all the ins and outs on the massive logistics. After several months of their professional guidance and efforts, our page rank on various keywords and landing pages are starting to appear in the first and second page of the search result once again. They also helped us to mitigate the impact of slanders and false accusations that we think was impacting our lead closing ratio (people searching for us and finding negative comments). The slander has since been buried and it also cleared our name.
From my own personal experience, Pulley Media is more than just an ordinary SEO service, they achieved results beyond our expectation and always work within both budget and project time frame. We’re looking forward to continuing this relationship as the company continues to grow.

Natalie K.Natalie K.

My team and I have worked closely with Michelle and Pulley Media to manage the SEO/PPC for 5+ websites, as well as general webmaster and marketing... Read More

Jessica R.Jessica R.

Today, we received our business card drafts from Pulley Media and we couldn't have been more impressed. Michelle provided an array of different styles and... Read More

Nichole M.Nichole M.

M. Bast of Pulley Media was so helpful and efficient! She created a website for my catering business that was both beautifully done as well as finished... Read More