SEO Miami

Learn about SEO in Miami
and the Greater South Florida area

In recent years, advertising has changed drastically. Where a radio marketing campaign would have worked before, businesses now prefer a hashtag campaign instead. All of this is as a direct result of consumer behavior. Users are heading to search engines like Google and Bing to seek out answers to questions like “what’s the best pizza shop in Miami?” Gone are the days of relying on roadside signs to direct traffic to your business. Today’s consumers are digital.

SEO Marketing in the Digital Age

As a small business owner, you know where you want to be: Right at the top of Google’s search results. As the top digital marketing agency in the area, Pulley Media is the best choice for SEO Miami has to offer. Being based in South Florida, with clients nationwide, we understand how competitive the large local market is in most industries.

Our process begins with an SEO consultation that is mostly listening. We truly listen to who you are, what you want, and where you feel your business should be.

We can take over an existing SEO campaign, begin one from scratch, and even design your website for you. We’ll also do a competitive analysis to determine who has the #1 search engine rankings for your area, to make sure our marketing strategy is as aggressive as it needs to be.

What does SEO mean exactly?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means an ongoing effort to optimize your website, so that it gains rankings in your target keyphrases. For example, if you owned a pizza shop, your SEO campaign would include trying to rank for:

  • Miami pizza
  • Pizza shop in Miami
  • Homemade pizza in Miami
  • Brick oven pizza Miami
  • Best pizza shop Miami
  • … And many, many more!

Using our keyword research methods, we determine which search phrases have the most people looking for them in your area, and that’s the info we use to start the campaign.


What about paying Google to be at #1?

We get this question often. “Paying Google” means beginning a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, to have your website show up at the top of search results, in the form of ads. The trouble is, most people know that these listings are ads, and simply ignore them. Plus, when you stop paying, you lose the ranking.

Our SEO Miami campaigns are sustainable, which means that rankings often hold steady for years, even if you choose to stop optimization.