Online Marketing Price List

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a website design include? Are there any additional fees?

It includes at least 10 unique website designs. We will post these designs on an easy-to-use design portal page, which will allow you to leave feedback comments. After we present you with these initial draft designs, we rely on your feedback to determine what changes should be made. We will only begin coding the website once you have approved every detail of the design. After we have moved to coding the website (making it from a picture to a functional site on the web), any new design changes requested will be charged hourly.

How will you know what to do for my website?

Pulley Media conducts industry research before each design project. However, we recommend that you provide us with 2-3 samples of designs that speak to you. This helps us understand what your expectations are. You can also send us color scheme ideas. This site is fantastic for coming up with color palettes.

How do you determine the cost of SEO or Social Media? In the online marketing price list it says it “starts at” a certain cost…

It really depends on the amount of competition in your space. This determines how many hours we will need to spend daily/weekly/monthly to get your rankings and social visibility to where you’ll be happy and profitable. Low competition businesses means less hours of work needed, so we can charge a little bit less for those.

When are the payments in the price list made?

For web design projects – We invoice 50% as a down payment in order to begin the project. Once you have approved the design, we will then build it in a “sandbox” site. That means it won’t be on your domain until everything is finished and ready for your customers to see. We’ll review it together, and the remaining 50% is due once the site is ready to be moved to your domain.

For SEO, PPC, and Social Media Management – We invoice on the 1st of the month, for that month. That is, August’s services are billed August 1st. Payments are due by the 15th.

Do you charge any additional fees, beyond what’s mentioned in the online marketing price list above?

Payments that are more than 15 days overdue are subject to a late fee of 15% of the outstanding balance.

Do you have a contract?

We are happy that our clients choose to work with us on a monthly basis, without a long-term contract. We understand that sometimes things happen, so we just ask for 30 days notice as a courtesy if you should choose to cancel services.