Your logo is the most important part brand’s “voice”. A business logo will often be repeated across business cards, websites, social media, event sponsorships, t shirts, and even billboards for years to come. In short, your logo design needs to speak to your audience.

Pulley Media offers logo design services out of our Miami, Florida location for clients across the nation. Here’s a little bit more about how the process works.

5 Steps of Logo Design


We’ll need to know what you have in mind. Be ready to answer questions such as:

  • What colors do you have in mind? has great palettes. You can also look at for inspiration.
  • Do you have any images that you would like to use?
  • Some clients prefer a text-only logo, where the focus is on the font itself, and the way the color is applied. Ask yourself if this is what you’re looking for.
  • Are there any competitors in your field who you want your brand to emulate?


Our team will send over a set of custom designed logos for your review within about 10-15 days. Now it’s time to review with all the decision-makers on your end. Look over all the logo designs carefully.



This is the most important step. If you like what our graphic design team has provided, we need to know. If you don’t, we need to know that too! As much as we want to be, we aren’t in your head. What you tell us in the feedback step is directly correlated to the quality of the revisions we make for you.

An example of good and bad feedback follows:

  • Good Feedback: “I like the font used in this logo design, but I think the shade of blue could be a little darker. Also the way that the words are curved around the main logo image doesn’t appeal to me, let’s make them straight.”
  • Bad Feedback: “Don’t like this one.”


Based on your feedback, we will provide revisions to our original set of designs to finalize them, and return them to you with your edits made.



Once you’ve chosen your design, we will send over .JPG (most commonly used), .PSD (photoshop), and .AI (illustrator) formats.

Shell station logo over the yearsTypes of Logos

  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Event Logos
  • Joint Venture Logos
  • Product Logo Designs
  • Brand Logos

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a logo design?

Our cost is dependent on a preliminary consultation. For example, some clients come in with a sketch already in mind and just need it digitized. Others need a logo completely from scratch with no idea what they want. We caution clients to be wary of companies advertising $99 logos, these are often generic logos with stock images used. Our services are 100% custom designed, for your company.

Will I be able to edit my new logo?

Yes, you will receive the file in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator format. So you will be able to give that to any print shop, or graphic editor in the future if you would like to “tinker” with it further down the line. You will also be able to use these files to make the design larger, should you ever run a billboard ad or something on a much larger scale.

What if I don’t receive a logo that I like in the design phase?

We make every effort to ask questions and get an idea of what you are looking for, before beginning work. We are willing to try to work with you, and luckily this has never happened.

When is payment made?

50% of the initial proposal amount is due prior to beginning work. Upon deciding on a final logo design, the remaining 50% will be invoiced. We will transfer the final files to you once that invoice is paid. In the event of a check payment, the check must clear before beginning work.

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