Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus Marketing

Google entered the social media game officially in 2011, and has already made a huge splash. The majority of users are college aged, and passionate about networking.

Pulley believes you need a G+ presence. Here are some of the huge benefits of conducting social media with the world search engine leader:

Claiming your local business listing

Searching for, claiming, and cleaning up your Google Plus business listing is the first step in controlling how your brand is shown to customers in local results. Your listings are generated automatically many times by Google’s web crawls, so the categories may be inaccurate. It’s important to add images, business hours, and relevant keyphrases to your page to boost your results.


Use categories to reach your target audience

One of the strongest G+ features is the ability to create categories for your contacts. If you’re a nationwide business, this may be divided by state, so you can share content that is specific to one place; Or a local small theater house may choose to have a younger audience group versus an adult audience group. The possibilities and uses are endless, and we are here to research the best choice for you!


Attractive organic results increase click through rate

We want people to want to click your site out of all of the search engine results. Through the use of Google Plus, we add author and publisher information that displays your image next to your rankings. This increases the amount of clicks your site gets because you’ve already shown them who you are.