Create Your Community with Facebook

Facebook has continued to show tremendous growth and influence over online social media marketing. Even as other social trends come and go, Facebook remains constant. At Pulley Media, we create a facebook business marketing strategy, specific to your needs, brand, and audience. With over 500 million people online, using Facebook can target the people right for you.

Benefits of Marketing with Facebook

  • Your brand’s page will be accessible by the 500 million people already using Facebook.
  • Pulley connects you with your customers, where they’re already hanging out online. And by being connected you will be able to have one-on-one conversations with your customers, who can like your Page, read your posts, and share them with family and friends.
  • Being discoverable so when people search for you on Facebook, they’ll be able to find you.
  • Frequent community interaction gives a friendly voice to your brand.
  • Posts are targeted to large groups of people to inform and engage, with the goal of making your company a source of reliable information.
  • The average Facebook user spends at least 20 minutes on the site, more than the average “hit” on a website.
  • Promoted posts and paid advertisements connect you with targeted local users with messages tailored to their needs and interests.
  • With 425 mobile users, your Facebook social media management plan can target people even as they’re on the go.
  • Pulley creates unique social media marketing strategy using Facebook.
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