Facebook ads blast Apple for protecting iPhone users’ privacy

Facebook is running ads Wednesday that blast Apple for protecting iPhone users’ privacy. Facebook claims giving iPhone users more privacy controls will hurt small businesses that rely on users having little or no control over whether they are hit with targeted ads.

Apple’s new feature is expected to dramatically impact the ability of advertisers to target ads as usual, since informed iPhone users likely won’t opt in.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

The company is running print and digital ads in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post that say: “We’re standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere.” It also has a new website on the change to iOS 14 that affects opt-in for Apple’s ad identifier, the IDFA.

Apple will soon be making a huge change to settings on users’ iPhones in the name of privacy, and it will fundamentally change mobile advertising on those devices. It will take a privacy option that was previously buried deep in users’ phones and put it front and center when they open an app, which is expected to dramatically impact the ability of advertisers to target ads the way they have been since people likely won’t opt in.

MacDailyNews Take: Blasting Apple for protecting iPhone users’ privacy seems like a losing position – to anyone not named Mark Zuckerberg, it seems.

The bottom line: Mark Zuckerberg was smart enough to steal the idea for Facebook, but isn’t smart enough to run Facebook without trampling his users’ privacy.


Facebook says “it’s all about profit, not privacy.”

I would say it’s all about Facebook’s profit, Apple users’ privacy.

I don’t know anything about Facebook’s founding story since I haven’t watched the movie, etc. However, back in the day, Zuckerberg transferred to my prep school, where we had a paper photo address book, with a picture of every student’s face, their dorm address, and home address. We called it the “Facebook”. I was an editor, but that was back in the pre-Personal Computer days. PCs didn’t exist until after I left college.

Naturally enough, the boys would go through the Facebook and rank the attractiveness of the female students. I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls did the same. Isn’t that what Zuckerberg did? Create a list of the prettiest coeds at Harvard, and everything grew from there?

Not sure why this is being downvoted. Unless Zuckerberg went to prep school in the decade BEFORE he was born (he was born the same year the Mac was, 1984), they certainly had computers then.

But let’s be fair — it’s very possible the “Face Book” KenC worked on was produced the old fashioned way. Maybe it was an old fashioned prep school.

Zuckerberg understands human nature very well and he knows what he can get away with. His constantly growing Facebook platform is loved by billions of citizens all around the world and that powerful platform could easily turn the masses against Apple by using fake news. The way I see it, Apple could end up being regulated far easier than Facebook. Zuckerberg has a lot more power and influence than Tim Cook. So far, Facebook has wriggled out of any past wrongdoing by paying a few fines and throwing blame on other companies. I’m willing to bet Facebook’s growth or value isn’t going to be slowed down by the probe from 48 states and the FTC.

Meanwhile, Apple will be an easy, fat target because it’s a $2T company that’s well known for supposedly squeezing money out its hapless customers while Facebook is benevolent company giving away its “free” social media services to the poorest countries on the planet. Apple can’t even perform any measures on its own platform to enforce user privacy without negative criticism. Facebook can do whatever it wants, but Apple can’t. That’s just downright unfair.