Amazon KDP Pay Per Click Advertising should be a lot better for the money you pay

If you are enrolled in Amazon KDP Select, you will have access to Amazon’s Ad Campaigns.

This allows authors and publishers to advertise their individual books on related popular and best-selling Amazon book pages. This indeed is a great opportunity.

Yet, after using Amazon KDP PPC Advertising for three months now, all I can say is that Amazon KDP PPC Advertising is, in order, awful, archaic, slow, horrid, dreadful, frustrating, confusing and altogether, a very unpleasant experience.

It is exactly what PPC advertising should not be. With the exception that it is Amazon, and about placing ads on Amazon, even after having said that it is entirely and absolutely horrid, it is still also very worthwhile.

So first, what are the problems with Amazon Pay Per Click advertising?

1. Up to 72 hours to have a new ad approved? What? For an existing book on Amazon? Duh. Dumb. Idiotic!

2. Up to 72 hours to get click and sales data. What again? You could have spent $1,000 and you have no idea if it was worth it? Duh. Dumb. Idiotic!

3. Just because you have a book published on Amazon, it does NOT mean you can advertise your book. Bad luck for erotic writers because your books are immediately banned.

But also, if you read the fine print, if you have a book cover showing a gun, blood or anything else deemed as unsavoury by Amazon advertising, you are out too.

This is because Amazon PPC Advertising is under the control of Amazon advertising and not Amazon Kindle. Don’t even bother if your cover shows someone smoking. Heaven forbid! Um, it’s fiction! Duh. Dumb. Idiotic!

4. The PPC dashboard reminds me of working on a Commodore 64, except that the Commodore 64 was much more fun. I really had thought that Amazon was a cool company, but the Ad Campaign dashboard is an archaeological disaster.

Um, it’s 2015, isn’t it? Duh. Dumb. Idiotic!

5. Interest-based ads earn no clicks at all. However, targeted ads DO! They are a pain to set up, because it necessities finding a bunch of books similar to yours, but what the hell, we’ve all got hours to waste, haven’t we? Duh. Dumb. Idiotic!

6. Facebook PPC ads are approved and up and running in mere minutes. Competition? Well, no. Because they do not place your book ad on Amazon book pages. This is now NOT duh, dumb or idiotic!

This is where ugly, awful, archaic, slow, horrid, dreadful, frustrating and confusing turns into something very useful and profitable.

Amazon KDP Pay Per Click Advertising does one thing well.

For all it’s failings and incomprehensible slowness, Amazon Ads do one thing very well. They deliver your book ad onto popular Amazon book pages, and you can expect to sell some books. What more do you want?

From my experience, for my book covers that don’t have guns, blood, smoking, demi-semi-naked women or anything that could possibly offend a four-year-old, they sell books well and return above my investment with Amazon PPC ads.

It’s just a pity about the rest of my books, which have quite normal book covers for fiction novels but are deemed as unsavoury by Amazon Ads. Duh. Dumb. Idiotic!

It could be a lot better.

Ok, there are some hurdles to scale, but in the end, Amazon KDP ads, for all their failings are a good investment. So long as you are very, very, very, and, I mean very patient.

And also, if you don’t have a book cover that could have the potential to offend the sensitivity of the trainee nuns at Amazon Ads.

Yes, oh dear I’m banned because my cover has a gun on it because it is a murder mystery! Amazon KDP Ads. Duh. Dumb. Idiotic! Sure, but very worthwhile.